Conventional fire alarm panels



4 to 128 Zones with Charger

Main Alarm Panels and Sub Alarm Panels can be interconnected into a networked system. This networking capability extends to leading brands of conventional panels that hold CP10 or SS645 certification.
Capacity - 4 to 128 zones, in multiples of 4 zones
Sub alarm panel without charger (option)

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PS88i Sub Fire Alarm Panel

Welcome to SAFENET Fire Systems Pte Ltd, your premier destination for cutting-edge fire safety solutions in Singapore. Introducing the PS88i Sub Fire Alarm Panel, a revolutionary addition to our comprehensive range of fire safety products. Designed to set new standards in fire safety management, this exceptional panel combines advanced technology with essential features for uncompromised protection and streamlined control.

Key Features of the PS88i Sub Fire Alarm Panel:

Flexible Zone Management for All Environments: At SAFENET, we understand that every space requires a tailored approach to fire safety. The PS88i Sub Fire Alarm Panel offers an exceptional range of adaptability, accommodating diverse spatial requirements. With an impressive capacity spanning from 4 to 128 zones, expandable in increments of 4 zones, this panel is primed to provide optimal coverage for spaces of various sizes.

Continuous Power Reliability:

Safety knows no downtime, and neither does the PS88i Sub Fire Alarm Panel. Equipped with an integrated charger, this panel ensures a consistent power supply, even in the most demanding situations. Our unwavering commitment to power reliability guarantees that your safety network remains operational, safeguarding your environment when it matters most.

Seamless Networking for Enhanced Coordination:

Imagine a fire safety system that operates in perfect harmony. With the PS88i Sub Fire Alarm Panel, this vision becomes reality. This panel seamlessly integrates with both Main Alarm Panels and Sub Alarm Panels, creating an interconnected network. Swift data sharing and coordinated responses elevate the efficiency of your fire safety management strategy, enhancing your overall safety preparedness.

Versatility and Compatibility for Optimal Performance:

SAFENET's commitment to adaptability is evident in the PS88i Sub Fire Alarm Panel. Designed to seamlessly integrate with leading conventional panel brands certified under CP10 or SS645, this panel empowers you to enhance your fire safety system's capabilities. This compatibility allows you to integrate diverse components into a unified framework. Moreover, the panel provides the choice to include or exclude a charger, offering a solution tailored to your specific installation and power management needs.

Experience the Future of Fire Safety with SAFENET:

In a world where safety is paramount, SAFENET Fire Systems Pte Ltd stands as your reliable partner, delivering innovation and adaptability through state-of-the-art solutions. With its extensive zone management capabilities, seamless network integration, and unwavering power reliability, the PS88i Sub Fire Alarm Panel redefines the landscape of fire safety excellence. Elevate your fire safety strategy and secure your environment in Singapore with the PS88i Sub Fire Alarm Panel, available exclusively through SAFENET. Explore the boundless potential of an advanced fire safety network today.

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