Conventional fire alarm panels

PS88 4R-120R

PS88 4R-120R

Repeater Panel, 4 to 120 Zones

4 to 120 zones
The buzzer will sound for consecutive alarms and faults, accompanied by a switch to silence the buzzer.
Individual alarm indicators
Common fault indicatior
Indicator test facilities for LEDs & buzzer
Hardwire termination provided
Remote Evacuate Alarm, Silence & Reset functions (Option)
Optionally, the system can repeat individual fault notifications, provide isolation indications, and offer remote monitoring status, all managed from the Main Alarm Panel.

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Discover Unparalleled Fire Safety with SAFENET Fire Systems Pte Ltd and the PS88 4R-120R in Singapore

Welcome to SAFENET Fire Systems Pte Ltd, your trusted destination for cutting-edge fire safety solutions in Singapore. We proudly introduce the PS88 4R-120R Repeater Panel, a remarkable addition to our diverse range of fire safety products. Crafted to elevate fire safety management, this advanced panel seamlessly blends technological innovation with essential features for uncompromised protection and streamlined control.

Key Features of the PS88 4R-120R Repeater Panel:

Optimal Zone Coverage and Flexibility:

Designed to meet a variety of spatial needs, the PS88 4R-120R Repeater Panel offers exceptional adaptability. With the capacity to manage 4 to 120 zones, it caters to a wide range of spaces, ensuring comprehensive coverage for various settings.

Enhanced Alert System:

The PS88 4R-120R Repeater Panel features a sophisticated alert mechanism. Buzzer resound capabilities ensure that subsequent alarms and faults are promptly acknowledged, with the added convenience of a buzzer silence switch. This feature streamlines response procedures, ensuring effective incident management.

Individualized Alarm Indicators:

Prioritizing clarity, the panel features individual alarm indicators. This empowers users to quickly identify specific alarm points, facilitating efficient response actions in critical situations.

Streamlined Fault Indication:

The PS88 4R-120R Repeater Panel includes a common fault indicator, allowing users to swiftly identify and address system issues. This intuitive feature streamlines maintenance efforts, ensuring the system remains in optimal working condition.

Comprehensive Indicator Test Facilities:

The panel boasts indicator test facilities for LEDs and the buzzer, ensuring continuous functionality verification. This proactive approach supports effective maintenance practices and assures readiness.

Robust Hardware Integration:

Hardwire termination is provided for enhanced connectivity and reliability. This feature ensures that the panel is seamlessly integrated into your existing fire safety infrastructure.

Optional Advanced Functions:

Remote Evacuate Alarm, Silence & Reset:

This optional feature empowers users with remote control capabilities, enhancing the overall control and management of the fire safety system.

Enhanced Monitoring and Isolation:

The PS88 4R-120R Repeater Panel offers advanced capabilities to repeat individual faults, isolate indications, and remotely monitor status from the Main Alarm Panel. This feature streamlines operations, making incident management more efficient.

Experience the Future of Fire Safety with SAFENET:

At SAFENET Fire Systems Pte Ltd, we stand as your reliable partner, dedicated to delivering innovation and adaptability through state-of-the-art solutions. The PS88 4R-120R Repeater Panel, with its comprehensive features and optional advanced functions, epitomizes our commitment to uncompromised safety. Elevate your fire safety strategy and secure your environment in Singapore with the PS88 4R-120R Repeater Panel, available exclusively through SAFENET. Explore the boundless potential of advanced fire safety today.

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