Fire Hosereel System

  1. According to SCDF’s and Singapore standard SS575 -2012 regulations.
  2. We are SCDF Listed Service Provider Singapore
  3. TÜV SÜD PSB Authorized Company
  4. Qualified Personnel
  5. WSHC Certify bizSAFE 4

Frequency Monthly Quarterly Half Yearly Yearly

Our Service Hose reel system is intended for the occupant to use during the early stages of fire and comprises hose reel pumps,fire water tank,hose reels,pipe work and valves. The hose reel system generally serves as an initial fire fighting aid. When the hose reel is brought into use the pressure in the pipe immediately downstream of the pump check valves will drops below the field adjusted pressure setting of the pressure switch thereby triggering the pump to comes into operation automatically to feed a steady supply of water to discharge through the hose.

How to arrange for service Please contact with us, 7/24 hours available