Conventional fire alarm panels

Charger Panel Fire Alarm System In Singapore

2 to 22A Secondary Power Supplies

Provides secondary power supplies from primary voltage of 230VAC
Charger sizes from 2 to 22A to suit respective load and batteries capacity
Provided with system trouble output contacts for monitoring
Power additional sounders, strobes, magnetic door holders

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Charger Panel Fire Alarm System in Singapore

Welcome to the cutting-edge world of fire safety with the Charger Panel Fire Alarm System in Singapore. Our advanced fire alarm system is designed to protect lives, property, and businesses from the devastating impact of fires. With a commitment to innovation and reliability, the Charger Panel Fire Alarm System stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of fire safety solutions.

Key Features of our Charger Panel Fire Alarm System:

Intelligent Detection:

The Charger Panel Fire Alarm System employs state-of-the-art intelligent detection technology, capable of rapidly identifying the presence of smoke, heat, or flames. This enables early detection and swift response, minimizing the potential for damage and harm.

Zone Control:

Our system offers comprehensive zone control, allowing you to segment your premises into distinct areas for more accurate identification of fire incidents. This feature helps in quick localization and targeted response, ensuring efficient firefighting efforts.

Remote Monitoring:

Stay connected to your fire safety system at all times through our remote monitoring capabilities. Receive real-time alerts, notifications, and updates via mobile devices, enabling you to take immediate action even when you're away from the premises.


The Charger Panel Fire Alarm System is designed for seamless integration with other security and building management systems. This allows you to create a holistic security network that enhances overall safety and efficiency.


Every property is unique, and so are its fire safety needs. Our system offers a high degree of customization, allowing you to tailor the alarm thresholds, response protocols, and notification preferences to match your specific requirements.


Whether you have a small office, a sprawling industrial complex, or a residential building, our system is scalable to accommodate properties of various sizes. As your needs evolve, our fire alarm solution can grow alongside your business.

Easy Maintenance:

Charger Panel Fire Alarm System is built with maintenance in mind. Regular self-diagnostic checks ensure that the system is in optimal working condition. In case of any issues, the system will alert you and your designated maintenance team.

Local Regulations Compliance:

Singapore has stringent fire safety regulations. Our Charger Panel Fire Alarm System is designed to meet and exceed these standards, ensuring that your property remains compliant and safe from potential fines or penalties.

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