Addressable Call Point

Model Description
3333-OKB Addressable Manual Call Point Built-in type
3339-OKB Addressable Manual Call Point Wall type

Addressable Call Point in Singapore, SAFENET Fire Systems Pte Ltd

In a world where safety is paramount, having reliable and efficient emergency communication devices is crucial for ensuring swift responses during critical situations. . SAFENET Fire Systems Pte Ltd, a renowned leader in the fire safety industry in Singapore, offers a range of cutting-edge solutions to meet these needs. Among their exceptional offerings is the Addressable Call Point. In this article, we will delve into the significance of addressable call points and how SAFENET Fire Systems Pte Ltd is contributing to enhancing safety measures in Singapore.

Understanding the Role of Addressable Call Points

Before we explore the specifics of SAFENET's Addressable Call Point, it's essential to understand the importance of these devices. Addressable call points serve as critical components within a comprehensive fire safety system. They are designed to provide a manual means of triggering fire alarms and communicating emergency situations to ensure prompt response and evacuation.

Introduction to SAFENET's Addressable Call Point

SAFENET's Addressable Call Point represents a pinnacle of innovation and safety in emergency communication. These devices are strategically placed within facilities to provide a straightforward and reliable means of alerting others to fire-related emergencies.

Key Features of SAFENET's Addressable Call Point

1. Manual Fire Alarm Activation

SAFENET's Addressable Call Point allows individuals to manually activate fire alarms, ensuring immediate alerting to those in the vicinity.

2. Precise Location Identification

These call points can pinpoint the exact location of the emergency, facilitating rapid response and evacuation.

3. Integration Capabilities

SAFENET's Addressable Call Point seamlessly integrates with other security and fire safety systems, enhancing overall emergency response and coordination.

Why Choose SAFENET's Addressable Call Point

Selecting the right emergency communication device is pivotal for effective fire safety. Here are some compelling reasons to consider SAFENET's Addressable Call Point:

Immediate Alert:

These call points enable immediate activation of fire alarms, ensuring that everyone in the vicinity is alerted promptly.

Precise Location Identification:

With The ability to pinpoint the exact location of the emergency enhances the efficiency of emergency response efforts.


Integration capabilities ensure that SAFENET's Addressable Call Point works seamlessly with existing systems, enhancing overall safety.

Installation and Maintenance

To ensure that your addressable call points operate optimally, professional installation and regular maintenance are essential. SAFENET Fire Systems Pte Ltd offers expert installation services and comprehensive maintenance plans to keep your Addressable Call Point in peak condition.


In conclusion, addressable call points are integral to effective fire safety communication, and SAFENET's Addressable Call Point, available in Singapore, represents a significant advancement in enhancing safety measures. With its manual fire alarm activation, precise location identification, and integration capabilities, it is a valuable addition to any fire safety system, ensuring swift and coordinated responses during emergencies.


1. How does SAFENET's Addressable Call Point work?

SAFENET's Addressable Call Point allows individuals to manually activate fire alarms, pinpointing the exact location of the emergency and facilitating rapid response.

2. Can SAFENET's Addressable Call Point integrate with other security systems?

Certainly, these call points have integration capabilities, allowing them to work seamlessly with other security and fire safety systems to enhance overall emergency response.

3. Are SAFENET's Addressable Call Points suitable for residential use?

Yes, these call points are versatile and can be used in both residential and commercial settings.

4. Are SAFENET's Addressable Call Points cost-effective?

Despite their advanced features, SAFENET's Addressable Call Points offer cost-effective solutions for improving emergency communication and safety, ensuring enhanced protection without exceeding your budget.

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